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Do You Comply with State Labor Laws ?

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If your business resides in one of the states listed below, you must comply with state laws and keep employees informed.  The State Labor Law Poster meets the newest state requirements.

Alabama Child Labor Poster May 30, 2018
Alaska Minimum Wage Poster January 1, 2018
Arizona Minimum Wage Poster January 1, 2018
California OSHA, NEW Transgender Rights in the Workplace and Fair Employment Posters January 31, 2018
California Transgender Rights Posters June 15, 2018
Colorado Minimum Wage Poster January 1, 2018
Hawaii Minimum Wage and OSHA Posters February 28, 2018
Indiana Child Labor Poster January 31, 2018
Kentucky Child Labor Posters July 15, 2018
Maine Unemployment Insurance Poster March 1, 2018
Maryland Earned Sick and Safe Leave Poster March 23, 2018
Nevada Annual Minimum Wage and Daily Overtime Bulletins and NEW No Smoking Poster May 15, 2018
New Jersey Fair Employment & Recordkeeping Posters June 15, 2018
New York No Smoking and Smoking Permitted Posters May 1, 2018
Oregon Equal Pay Law Poster May 11, 2018
Oregon Minimum Wage Law Poster July 1, 2018
Puerto Rico Fair Employment, Employee Rights, Disability Insurance & Social Security Number July 15, 2018
Rhode Island Minimum Wage Poster January 1, 2018
Tennessee Workers' Compensation Posters August 1, 2018
Vermont Accommodations for Pregnant Employees Poster January 1, 2018
Wyoming OSHA Poster March 23, 2018


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